Responsible public oversight of election processes helps ensure that they’re performed thoroughly, with attention to detail. Examples of procedures you may be able to observe:

  • Logic and accuracy testing of voting equipment
  • Processing requests for mail ballots
  • Checking outer envelopes of received mail ballots
  • Early voting setup

We recommend you find a buddy to go with you to observe, and check with your local election office ahead of time for a schedule of activities and the rules about observing. 

You do not need to sign up with Scrutineers to observe. However, we’d love to hear about your experiences!

PurposeHelp make elections more transparent and accurate
Est. Time Commitment3-40 hours (Your choice)
CalendarIn the weeks leading up to any election
RequirementsHonesty and integrity. Commitment to respecting election workers.
Add’l SkillsKeen observation, note-taking, attention to detail, ability to focus for long periods of time. Understanding of election procedures helpful but not required.
LocationAt your local election office.
Number of PeopleUnlimited. We recommend working with at least one buddy.
Next StepsWatch Vote Count Observer training here. (This approximately 30-minute training focuses on observing after an election, but most of the content will be relevant).