When you join the community, you’ll become part of a thriving group of people dedicated to making sure elections truly represent the will of the people.

You’ll learn, connect, and act with others who share your passion for making sure the freedom to vote is protected and that we have transparent elections we all can trust.

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In the Scrutineers Community, you’ll:

  • Learn about the dangers present in our current voting procedures and systems, so you’ll know the best practices for voting in your community and can help others understand.
  • Learn from voting rights and election security experts about exactly what needs to be done to protect our elections and how to participate.
  • Get trained to take powerful action in your community and even from your home.
  • Connect with people in your community and those who share your interests. You are not alone! There’s no reason to ask, “what can one person do?” because you are one among many.
  • Connect with leaders and organizations launching both time-tested and ground-breaking election protection projects.
  • Use skills you have, and learn some new ones as you TAKE ACTION!

Members have access to:

  • Virtual training sessions (sample topics below)
  • Interviews with leaders in the Election Protection movement
  • Live online events (membership upgrade may be required in the future)
  • Calls to action so you’ll know where your help can make the biggest impact
  • Discussion boards where you can engage in conversation with others who care deeply about these issues
  • Private messaging
  • A mobile app to make it easy for you to participate

Members take action for fair and transparent elections including:

Monitoring the processing of votes and election materials

Contacting local election officials to make sure best practices are being used

Helping stop their county or state from purchasing insecure voting equipment

Documenting vote counts to help verify election results

Spreading trustworthy information about elections through social media

Connecting Scrutineers with other organizations that care about the freedom to vote

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The Scrutineers Community is designed for interaction!

It’s not just another website where you can look up information (though there’s lots of information inside, too!).

A Sample of our Previous Trainings

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