We’re working to build the public trust in U.S. elections
by increasing their TRUSTWORTHINESS.

You’re in the right place if any of these describes you:

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  • Regardless of what candidates you support, you believe in fair elections (We’re nonpartisan)
  • You’re concerned about the attacks on the freedom to vote
  • You’re just beginning to learn about elections and want to get involved in making them better
  • You’re an expert in some aspect of elections and want to share your knowledge
  • You’re considering being a poll worker
  • You want to help protect the elections but are worried about COVID and other risks of doing in-person work
  • You’re already volunteering to work for a candidate, phonebanking/postcarding, etc.
  • You care about the election but don’t have voting rights (due to age, immigration status, or prior convictions)
  • You understand that action is needed because the election is not going to protect itself, but you don’t know what to do
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The Challenge

The freedom to vote is under attack. Powerful forces are working hard to make it more difficult — or even impossible for people of color, students, people with disabilities, and other marginalized communities to vote. State legislatures around the country are passing laws to interfere with voting and sabotage our elections. Partisan forces are trying to take over the running of our elections, including by replacing nonpartisan election officials with partisan operatives.

The TV news tells you over and over again that concerns about election security are about “foreign interference” in our elections. It doesn’t tell you that our government is failing miserably to do its job to create and maintain robust election systems and procedures. Elections are vulnerable to manipulation from within the country and even from within election offices. Aging equipment can fail to count votes properly. Bias in the administration of elections can lead to some votes not being counted, especially in communities of color.

What else does the news fail to mention? That there are powerful actions YOU can take to decrease the impact of election tampering and voter suppression. That if we want fair and accurate elections, we need to show up. Not only to vote, but to protect the right to vote and the right to have our votes counted accurately.

Some people don’t want some people to vote.

Reverend Raphael Warnock, U.S. Senator for Georgia

Our Solution

Scrutineers works at the intersection of the voting rights movement and the election transparency movement. We work to make sure everyone qualified to vote can vote, and that all the votes are counted accurately.

We’re the only national organization that trains activists to monitor elections to help ensure fair and accurate counting of votes. Our trainings happen online and can be accessed from anywhere.

We’re focused on creating scalable methods of helping communities protect their elections so everyone’s voice is heard.

Your work is needed even far before election day.

Whatever your cause, it’s a lost cause without trustworthy elections.*

Where We Work

We work in communities throughout the United States. We have members in nearly every state!

*derived from a quote from Paul R. Ehrlich