Big News! For the first time, the Scrutineers Community is working together to raise funds to support our work!

We’re specifically raising funds to enable us to hire a staffperson to amplify our work in the 2024 election cycle.

To learn more about our September 2023 fundraising campaign and join or participate, click the image below.

Photo of four hands of various skin tones, each holding the next one's wrist, to form a square. Text: Join the Movement. Make a Difference in the 2024 election with your vote and donation. Gift $24 Today! Scrutineers logo in corner.

Donate to Scrutineers today! We rely on your support to fund our work.

We appreciate donations of any size. Recurring monthly donations help us have dependable cash flow.

Most of our donors prefer to give online and aren’t looking for a tax deduction.

Complete our online form to make a gift directly to Scrutineers for general support.

Or send a check to:

Scrutineers LLC
849 Almar Ave #C-225
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

You can also make a tax-deductible gift through our fiscal sponsor.

Supporter making an online donation to Scrutineers