Poll workers are needed around the country to help people vote! Most local voting jurisdictions provide training, and many also pay poll workers a small amount in recognition of their service. 

Working the polls is a great way to help our elections run smoothly, learn about some of the intricacies of elections and help out your neighbors.

Being a poll worker also gives you a vantage point where you can help ensure that people’s rights are being protected. We’ll be running a special info session for poll workers to teach you about that later this year.

ProjectProactive Poll Workers
PurposeHelp elections in your community run smoothly, support the freedom to vote
Est. Time Commitment15 hours+
CalendarLocal governments generally train their poll workers in the weeks before an election. You’d work long hours on election day. You might have an opportunity to work during early voting as well.
RequirementsAttention to detail. Honesty and integrity. Commitment to respecting election workers and voters. Stamina for working one very long day.
Tech SkillsBasic computer skills.
Add’l SkillsKeen observation skills, note-taking skills are helpful.
LocationAssigned by your election office.
Number of PeopleDepends on local needs
Next Steps1) Start the process of becoming a poll worker with our partners at PowerThePolls.
2) Sign up for our email list via the form on this page to receive notice when we schedule a proactive poll workers info session. We’ll teach you how to help protect the election from your vantage point as a poll worker.