Democracy is not a spectator sport!

This year, when democracy is at risk, we must each take the most powerful actions we can to support it!

Did you know that you can take actions that will help make our elections more reliable? Scrutineers supports individuals and groups to provide responsible public oversight for elections all over the U.S.

Check out the action opportunities below. Choose one or more that you can and will do.

Better yet, join the Scrutineers Community, connect with others, and learn about even more ways to take powerful action!

Choose the most powerful actions you can!

Take Video of Poll Tapes on Election Night

Use your cell phone to film precinct-level vote totals. This method of documentation helps catch errors and defend against false accusations of fraud.

Observe Vote Processing and Counting

Become a vote count observer to help protect the vote count! This work happens on election night and for approximately two weeks afterwards. We’ll teach you what you need to know to become a responsible observer.

Observe Pre-Election Processes

Responsible public oversight of election processes helps ensure that they’re performed thoroughly, with attention to detail.

Bring Scrutineers Training to Your Organization

Presenters from Scrutineers are available to share our online trainings to groups large and small. Send us a message to learn more.

Apply to Be a Poll Worker

Paid poll workers are needed around the country to help people vote! We’re working with our partners at PowerThePolls to find committed poll workers. Make sure you’re on our email list to benefit from the additional resources we’ll be offering to poll workers.

Help Us Reach More People with Our Message

We rely on our supporters to help amplify our work! You can help by following us on social media and commenting on, liking, and sharing our content. And tell your friends what you’ve learned from Scrutineers. Suggest they join the Scrutineers Community or become your buddies for this work.

And wait … that’s not all!

In the Scrutineers Community, we offer even more ways to get involved — including helping find your unique place in the movement for fair, secure, accessible, and transparent elections.

Learn more about the Scrutineers Community!