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Act For Trusted Election Results

Welcome to the AFTER Project! This page contains our introductory training and many of the resources mentioned in the training. More will be added.

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Introductory Training

Please watch the training below before accessing other trainings.

(30 minutes)

Additional Materials for Introductory Training

Click here to find the rules for your state.

Some states limit who can observe, or require advance registration. Check here for your state’s information (Note: while the info may say it’s for “poll-watchers,” the same procedures usually apply to observing after the polls close).

☐ Directions to the observing location

☐ Mask (safer and often required)

☐ Photo ID (if required)

☐ Phone and/or video camera  (Note: Empty your storage so you have plenty of room on your device.)

☐ Extra battery/charger for your phone or other video device.


☐ A measuring tape app if you have to keep a certain distance from workers

☐ Binoculars (You may be far from the action).

☐ Water and snacks (choose something quiet and not messy or sticky)

☐ A few pens, preferably not blue or black, so no one can blame you for stray marks on election materials

☐ Notebook and/or several copies of this printable form. This is safer than an online form, as you can lose reception or be prohibited from using a phone.

When you take notes: Sketching the room will help you remember & track who went where. Here’s an example:

Hand-drawn diagram of vote processing room, with rectangles representing tables and equipment, labeled storate area, election computer, scanner, table for bags from polling places/drop boxes, computer to post results on website, stations to process mailed ballots, machine to sort mailed ballots. Location of entrance is also marked.

Before reporting to anyone:

Make sure you write down the date and time, what you saw, and who was involved (names or descriptions of people).

In deciding what else to tell, consider the following:

  • Who was involved in the error or situation?
  • Must action be taken immediately to correct the mistake?
  • Who do you believe has the power to act?
  • Is outside intervention needed?

Options for Reporting Issues

A Few More Things…

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