The Scrutineers Community — where individuals and groups working to protect voting rights and election security come together to take focused action!

The Scrutineers Community is the place where volunteers, activists, and seasoned election experts come together to protect the US elections from interference, discrimination, and errors.

We’re stepping up to play our role right now in advancing and protecting free and fair elections. We’re here to serve as a smart, informed, and well-trained Fairness Force on the ground and online. 

Several people talking and sharing their ideas about a certain topic

We’re voting rights activists, election security experts, and pollworkers. We’re election officials, candidates and campaign volunteers. We’re parents and grandparents, students and teachers. We’re voters and we’re those who aren’t allowed to vote. We’re people who believe that fair and accurate elections are essential to the future of our nation.

We come together in our online membership site, an interactive place where we discuss, plan, and share our work for election justice.

Scrutineers welcomes both individual members and organizational members.

Scrutineers is a participatory organization. Each member chooses their own level of participation depending on their availability, interests, and skills. As a member, you might jump in and get involved with one of our projects right away, or you might take advantage of our training sessions for awhile first. There are many ways you can get involved in our work. We love providing meaningful volunteer and activism options to dedicated people.

As a member, you may discover that you have more power than you may realize. We hope you’ll join with us to help protect the freedom to vote and work toward transparent elections where every voice is heard.




The Community welcomes voters and those who don’t have voting rights (people who are under age 18, are residents but not citizens of the U.S., or who have had their eligibility to vote taken away). We also have organizational memberships for groups of all sizes!

We charge a one-time fee of $1.99 to ensure that those who join are real people who care about fair elections, not bots or ‘trolls.’ If you come in, look around, and decide it’s not for you, we’ll honor a request for a refund. We also have an option of making a small monthly donation to help keep the organization going. We ask that you choose this if you can. The member benefits are the same Whether or not you make a monthly donation.

Inclusivity is important to us, and we’ll do our best to provide an accessible experience to members with disabilities. Our online events happen on Zoom and use the accessibility features of that platform.

Our membership site is built on a platform called Mighty Networks that works on both desktop and mobile devices. Screen readers currently work well on the mobile app. Specifically, the Mighty Networks iOS apps work well with VoiceOver. Android devices typically have a built-in Text-to-speech (TTS) engine that reads the text that it can find on the screen. We encourage you to email us about your specific access needs and we’ll seek a creative solution. Please specify if you’d prefer a response by email or by phone (inside the U.S. only).

This is a great place to learn! That’s a big part of why the Scrutineers Community was created. Your questions are welcome.

While our most active members often visit the site a few times a week or more, other members rarely log in. They participate by attending Zoom events, reading emails, and communicating directly with other members to work together on projects.

Scrutineers is a nonpartisan organization. We do not endorse any candidate or political party, but instead advocate for elections that are run in such a way that the outcome reflects the true will of the voters and there’s no question that the election was fair.