We need your help AFTER the election to protect the vote count!

Watch the vote counting!

We’re on the road to one of the most important elections of our lives. When you’re driving, it’s not good enough to pay attention most of the time. Even when you’re close to home, you still have to stay focused to avert disaster, right? In fact, over half of car accidents happen within five miles of home.

So it is with elections! On election day, you and your candidates are almost home. Keep your eyes on the road – watch the vote counting!

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Become an election observer to help protect the vote count!

Photo credit: Sue Dorfman

Why is this work important?

  • Support election workers if anyone harasses them
  • Watch for mistakes. We all can make mistakes, especially when we’re tired and stressed
  • Increase your understanding of how elections work
  • Tell your friends & social media followers how the vote counting went, to stop rumors
  • Your work can help increase voter confidence in our elections!

We offer free training on what to look for and what to do.

You can be the eyes of the public!

Did you know that in most places the processing and counting of votes is open for observation, yet historically hardly anyone shows up to make sure everything is done fairly and accurately?

There will be more observers from all sides for this election. Our training is specifically about nonpartisan election observing. Even if you want to observe on behalf of a candidate or party, the training will provide you with key insights.

Photo credit: Sue Dorfman

Help protect the vote count!

The election doesn’t end when polls close!

Voter Christine Yarzieh has no doubts that voting and health care rights are work fighting for. Photo credit: Sue Dorfman

What if you’re already a volunteer?

Will you be working to register voters, get out the vote, or help with a campaign this year? Great! When that work is over, don’t sit home feeling helpless! Help protect the votes you worked so hard for!

If you’re working as a poll worker, this is something you can do in the following days to deepen your understanding of our elections.

You can be a civil, calming influence. Election observers “can increase public confidence in well-run elections,” as the National Conference of State Legislators says.

Get Election Observer Training

Scrutineers is a non-partisan election protection group training volunteers around the U.S. to observe the processing and counting of votes. This crucial work takes place on election night and over the following days and weeks until elections are certified.

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