Protect Every Vote. Protect Every Voter.

Your DAF (Donor Advised Funds) donation will help us achieve our goal: US elections that are fair, secure, and transparent so every voice is heard.

We teach voters, activists, and advocates from all over the US to take concrete action to help ensure that votes are counted fairly and accurately. We support voters in marginalized communities, election officials and staff, and the public by:

  • Documenting election evidence to defend election staff against false accusations.
  • Advocating for best practices in election administration.
  • Mobilizing and supporting volunteers to protect the elections.

Nearly all votes in the U.S. are tabulated by vulnerable software. Consequently, Scrutineers promotes robust, objective election audits to verify the accuracy of vote counts.

Support Scrutineers by making a charitable gift using donations from your DAF.

How can I donate DAFs to Scrutineers?

Donating from your Donor Advised Funds is safe, easy, and fast. Using the donation form on this page, making a charitable gift is a quick process:

  1. Select the DAF ticker and confirm the company name in the widget
  2. Enter your gift amount
  3. Type in your email and address info for the receipt
  4. Enter your brokerage account information
  5. Virtually sign & make your gift!

After making a donation, you can elect to receive an automatically generated receipt at the email address you provide.

The Giving Block processes grants and donations from your DAF quickly and safely.

Why donate DAFs to Scrutineers?

Scrutineers does unique work in the election protection movement. Specifically, we’re building national Fairness Force to provide public oversight to our elections by teaching, training, mobilizing, and supporting people to take meaningful individual and group action.

Indeed, even people who don’t have voting rights due to citizenship status, age, or having had their voting rights revoked can be powerful participants in the electoral process by working with us.

We keep our overhead low by operating entirely online, so your donation will go a long way.


The Scrutineers Community is the place where volunteers, activists, and seasoned election experts come together to protect the US elections from interference, discrimination, and errors. We’re stepping up to play our role right now in advancing and protecting free and fair elections. Our volunteers are here to serve as a smart, informed, and well-trained Fairness Force on the ground and online.

We’re voting rights activists, election security experts, and poll workers. Election officials, candidates and campaign volunteers. Parents and grandparents. Students and teachers. Voters and those who aren’t allowed to vote. We’re people who believe that fair and accurate elections are essential to the future of our nation.

Did you know …? For the past two decades, increased computerization of our election processes has increased vulnerabilities to large-scale error and manipulation. Watch this two-minute video to learn more.

How can I get assistance with my donation?

Thank you for your interest in supporting Scrutineers’ work. Please contact us with your questions.