Meet our new Board of Directors!

Carlos Condarco

President of the Board of Directors

Carlos Condarco is an attorney and organizer with over a decade of experience working in politics, government and non-profit organizations. He is a graduate of the University of Miami from where he holds undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees.

Aileen Nakamura

Vice President and Secretary of the Board of Directors

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Aileen is an election security advocate with multicultural views. She doesn’t take the right to vote for granted, as her father’s family was wrongfully incarcerated in Japanese American ‘camps’ during WWII. Her father later volunteered from camp to fight for the freedom of all Americans. Aileen’s passions are: teaching students about this dark chapter in American history; and fighting for safe, secure, and transparent elections. 

Aileen received her degrees in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from Wellesley College. She has worked in development and marketing at both Japanese and American computer companies including Lotus Corporation and Compaq Computer Corporation.

In 2016, Aileen turned her focus to voting issues in Georgia, where she and her family have lived since 2007. She has testified at legislative hearings in Georgia, imploring lawmakers to listen to election integrity and cybersecurity experts.

Aileen currently serves as Assistant Secretary for the Coalition for Good Governance (CGG).  She has spent about 200 hours observing Georgia elections including Logic & Accuracy testing, poll watching, and tabulation monitoring. She has also testified as a fact witness in the 2024 Curling v Raffensperger trial for CGG. Aileen is thrilled to be working with Scrutineers, and dreams of a day when voters can have full confidence in the security and integrity of their vote.

Adrian Colborn

Treasurer of the Board of Directors

Adrian G. Colborn is a dynamic and committed member of the Board of Directors at Scrutineers. As such, they aim to promote engagement with the causes of protecting voting rights and election transparency among young people. As a young member of the LGBTQ+ community, Adrian brings a distinct perspective to Scrutineers’ mission. 

Adrian is passionate about civic education and community building. Accordingly, they actively work towards empowering the next generation to participate in the democratic process in order to ensure the passing of the torch. Their efforts in promoting civic knowledge and fostering youth involvement aim to contribute significantly to the goal of creating an informed and engaged American people. 

Adrian’s past work includes varied roles in community outreach, organizational effectiveness, and policy analysis – with the goal of striving to be collaborative and inclusive in all aspects of their work. They are committed to fostering dialogue and building bridges across diverse communities. Consequently, their efforts seek to strengthen Scrutineers’ shared vision for a more transparent and inclusive electoral process that will help ensure a more equitable future for all.

Brittny Baxter

Member at large of the Board of Directors

Brittny Baxter is a seasoned program management expert, known for her innovative thinking and training abilities. As a consultant, she has spearheaded customized strategies for leading advocacy organizations, driving impactful change.

Brittny has a proven track record in crafting communication strategies and overseeing large-scale capacity building and program initiatives. Her expertise extends to facilitating rapid response training sessions and curating essential communication materials for diverse coalition partners.

Her dedication to preserving democracy through collaboration and innovation was inspired by her journey into motherhood, during the birth of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Since then she has committed her career to advancing progressive causes nationwide.

Brittny also serves as Chair of the Netroots Foundation Board where she supports the cultivation of convening spaces that are a foundational pillar in movement-building work.

Dale Axelrod

Member at large of the Board of Directors

Dale Axelrod is an artist and organizer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He helped initiate the San Francisco Arts Commission Street Artists Program. Specifically, he worked to draft legislation, coordinate and qualify two ballot initiative drives. This effort resulted in artists being able to obtain licenses to sell their own creations on San Francisco public sidewalks and plazas.

He has extensive experience in designing posters, flyers, cartoons, and graphics for numerous political campaigns and committees. Dale’s been a GOTV precinct captain, fundraiser and political cartoonist for Democratic Party efforts in presidential campaigns: Kerry vs. Bush (2004), Gore vs. Bush (2000), Carter vs. Ford (1976), and McGovern vs. Nixon (1972).

His work on national issues includes writing and illustrating a comic book opposing Senate Bill 1437 (the precursor to the current “Patriot Act”) which was distributed to all members of Congress (1978) by NCARL (National Committee Against Repressive Legislation).

Dale is a union member has experience working at the polls on election day, and currently serves as:

• Sonoma County Democratic Party,  Chair — Outreach, Advocacy, and Legislation Committee;

• Co-Chair, National Voting Rights Task Force.

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