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Oct 9
Sunday, October 9, 2022 Online

Sunday, October 9

at 4:00 PM Pacific (7:00 PM Eastern)

A free online event

Join Star Trek: Voyager’s Tim Russ in a discussion with election transparency experts Bennie Smith, Lynn Bernstein, and Emily Levy. 

UPDATE! Surprise guest added to the event! A Star Trek cast member heard about this event and wanted to be part of it. We said yes!!!

Learn what you can do to improve public trust in the fairness of our elections. Hosted by Scrutineers in partnership with Trek the Vote and the Beyond Trek Podcast.

About Special Guest Tim Russ: 

Tim Russ as Tuvok
Tim Russ

Tim Russ

TIM RUSS  has been working as both an actor, director, and musician for the past thirty-five years.  His talents encompass a wide spectrum of the performing arts including composing, musical performances, writing, producing, directing, and voice-over.   

His acting credits include; “Star Trek: Voyager,”  “Samantha Who,” “iCarly,”  and “Spaceballs.” 

Mr. Russ has also entered the TV/Film directing arena with credits including, “Junkie,” “Life on the Rocks,”  “Star Trek: Voyager,”  and “Night at the Silent Movie Theater,” “Star Trek: Renegades,” and the award winning web series, “Bloomers.” 

About the panelists: 

Bennie Smith is the Secretary of the Shelby County Tennessee Election Commission. He works in Finance and analytics at Connect Music and is also the joint administrator for Smith’s research uncovered an extraordinarily high-risk tampering mechanism (fractionMagic) and provides a new method for analyzing questionable election results. A Bloomberg Cyber Security segment featured his work, and a cover story in Bloomberg Businessweek reported on his discovering election irregularities at a Memphis precinct.

He is known for his predictive analytics and proprietary method to forecast turnout. Smith’s research has been presented to election officials, elected officials and at security panels around the country.

Portrait of Bennie Smith, a Black man in a blue suit and tie, with short hair and his hands clasped, one elbow resting on bent knee.
Bennie Smith
Portrait of Lynn Bernstein, a white woman with brown hair falling below her shoulders, a red shirt, and silver necklace, standing in front of foliage.
Lynn Bernstein

Lynn Bernstein earned a BS in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Astrophysical, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her experience integrating and testing complex systems and instruments on numerous satellites taught her to think critically about processes, procedures, and accountability.

She now uses many of those same skills to help improve North Carolina election systems, laws, practices, and procedures. Using her leadership experience, she founded Transparent Elections NC, a volunteer group devoted to ensuring that NC elections are worthy of the public’s trust.

When she’s not encouraging people in her community to get involved in election integrity, she loves spending time with her family, friends, and nature — hiking, kayaking, and foodscaping.

Emily Levy is the Founder and Director of, a progressive, nonpartisan online community dedicated to fair, transparent, accessible, and secure elections.

An activist for over 50 years, Emily has been a leader in the election transparency movement dating to 2004, when she coordinated the precinct-level statistical forensic investigation into the presidential election in Ohio.

Her advocacy for election security has included election projects in her home state of California as well as in Ohio, Arizona, New York, Wisconsin, Nevada, New Mexico, Virginia, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. As the leader of Scrutineers, she specializes in helping members of the public understand election technology and security issues and become active in working for secure and transparent elections

Portrait of Emily Levy, a white woman witih short silver hair and glasses, wearing a blue tweed jacket and navy blue blouse, standing in front of wood paneled wall.
Emily Levy
Waist-up portrait of a light-skinned man with short brown slightly spiky hair and a neatly trimmed mustache and beard. He wears a suit with a gray jacket, dark gray vest, white shirt, and black-and-white patterned tie.
Renzo Cafferata

About the moderator:

Renzo Cafferata is one of the co-hosts of the Beyond Trek podcast.  Renzo joined the Beyond Trek team to flex his trekkie credentials, having consumed materials from the show, video games, books, movies, fan fiction, and more.  With a background in political science, history, and a successful debate career, Renzo now works in the computer science field and is excited to combine his passions and be the best moderator he can in order to further the cause of democracy.  Additionally, Renzo has an interest in weightlifting and is frequently joined by his beloved pup, Tuvix, in his Zoom background.

Our event cosponsors:

Trek The Vote

TrekThe.Vote works to mobilize the Star Trek fan base to work to protect elections. This is a PUBLIC event (not just for Scrutineers members) we hope will result in many new volunteers for our projects as well as membership growth. 

Beyond Trek Podcast

In the Beyond Trek podcast, four people from across the U.S. join forces every week to share how Star Trek is impacting lives here and abroad every single day. Find it on your favorite podcast app.


What is the charge for this event?

There’s no charge for this event.

Will it be recorded?

Yes! We’ll send all who register a link to the recording. We hope you’ll come to the live event if you can, so you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions.

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